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Smart Computer-Vision Systems To Spot Prison Riots Before They Happen

Add corrections officers to the list of workers at risk of being replaced by machines. Recently demonstrated computer-vision systems can analyze imagery provided by cameras perched in prison yards, recognizing faces, gestures, and unfolding incidents and warning guards if, say, two groups of inmates appear hostile. It’s one of a smattering of experimental computer-vision systems...


Japan Is Building Artificially Intelligent Rockets, Hoping to Streamline Operations and Cut Costs

Artificially intelligent rockets could perform self-diagnostics and self-repairs, lowering the cost of future space launches. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency is working on an intelligent rocket to supplement its current lift vehicle, and it would be cheaper and simpler to use, engineers say. Most spacecraft have intelligent capabilities, like adjusting their trajectories, evaluating their status and deciding...


Actual Robot Sportscaster Could Replace Robotlike Human Sportscasters

If you’ve been convinced for years that John Madden has been replaced by an iPod filled with generic football commentary, you might be excited to learn that Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne has been working on an even more advanced version. This one is equipped with artificial intelligence so it can actually see what’s happening on...


‘Lovotics’ Engineers Attempt to Give Robots the Ability to Love

That means artificial hormones–dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin, endorphin–that ebb and flow based on how the robot is “feeling.” It also means psychology, in this case using MRI brain scans to recreate artificial intelligence that creates affection–or a lack therof–towards a human counterpart. Just as in human relationships, this human-robot love is based on interactions. The robot...


Tony Stark’s Iron Man Dream Lab

Yes, there are some great robot fight scenes, nefarious villains, a few human interest plotlines, even characters that seem like genuine people, but the new movie Iron Manis really about the lab, and its ridiculously cool toys. Iron Man, which has grossed more than its reported $140 million budget in less than a week due to worldwide box...


The most interesting fitness and workout tech from CES 2019

You can build muscle with almost no equipment. All you really need is something heavy to pick up—dumbbells, barbells, a rock, or even just comically oversized buckets of protein powder with vaguely sciencey sounding names—with regularity. But while technological gadgets aren’t totally necessary for getting stronger, they can make the process simpler, more efficient, and...